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ESXi 503 Service Unavailable – Failed to connect to endpoint

If you are getting this error: Restarting services, or the host itself (or even giving it a few minutes) won’t clear this error sometimes. Get into the console and enable SSH. Access via SSH and run: /sbin/generate-certificates You should be able to reach the Web UI now  

Unifi Controller – Can’t send emails via unauthenticated SMTP

Using a SMTP server with unauthenticated port 25:   We need to edit this file  /usr/lib/unifi/data/ Add the following at the bottom: smtp.checkserveridentity=false smtp.starttls_enabled=false   Save changes and reboot the server

vSphere: Best practices for multi pathing devices when using round robin

On a production environment, we have a new Dell Powervault ME5024 and several Synology boxes, running on Ethernet 10GB. The ESXi cluster has 2 10 GB NICs per host, the Powervault has 8 10GB NICs (4 x 2 on failover) and each Synology has 2 10 GB NICs. The IT manager from this client configured VMware with iSCSI on all … Read More

vCenter – VMware Appliance Management ‘User password expired’

After 90 days, the password for the 5480 port expires and you need to change it. To do this, we will need console access to the VCSA. Authenticate using the expired root password at the VM prompt, and choose Troubleshooting Mode Options: Enable SSH Use a SSH session to authenticate with the vCenter Once authenticated, do: shell If running this … Read More

GPT PMBR Size Mismatch will be corrected by w(rite)

On a disk I wanted to expand I had the error GPT PMBR Size Mismatch will be corrected by w(rite) Do parted:   parted -l   Type fix and press enter      

Hyper-V server won’t show all running VMs after patching

Today we found out that there was a patch messing with our Hyper-V host running Windows 2019, and that it broke how the Hyper-V manager shows the VMs. This patch was possibly KB5022286, but we are not sure at this time. The Hyper-V manager showed only 2 VMs but we had 10 VMs running. When doing a get-vm via powershell, … Read More

Veeam for Linux: failed to load module veeamsnap

In this case we have a Debian physical server running Veeam Endpoint and saving the backups to a Veeam Backup and Replication server. Every now and then the Debian server will stop backing up, and we get this error on the console: 1/04/2023 5:30:32 AM :: Failed to load module [veeamsnap] with parameters [zerosnapdata=1 debuglogging=0 snapstore_block_size_pow=14 change_tracking_block_size_pow=18 logdir=/var/log/veeam fixflags=0 logmaxsize=15728640] … Read More

3CX 18.0 Update 6 and 7 – Problems sending outbound SMS after upgrade – Configuring Telnyx

We recently encountered this problem with a client, having done regular patching on their instance – they suddenly couldn’t send out SMS anymore. The way SMS now works on 3CX has changed, and previous configurations will fail out of the box. First, you will need to set up Telnyx with the new webhook located on the Trunk for Telnyx:   … Read More

Expanding disk on Ubuntu 20.04

Not using Ubuntu often, I found recently that the way of expanding disks has changed or I forgot how it was. After adding storage to your disk, open the terminal as root:   This will rescan the disk echo 1 > /sys/block/sda/device/rescan (note sda as main disk)   cfdisk  If cfdisk doesn’t show the new added storage, use this guide. … Read More

SMTP – Using Office 365 email account with Postfix relay on Ubuntu

In this case we wanted to use an email account from Office 365 to send emails via postfix, to use as the native mail function for WordPress This is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install postfix mailutils In the menu, just use the default entry (Internet Site) Configuring postfix sudo nano /etc/postfix/ Here we need … Read More