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3CX 18.0 Update 6 and 7 – Problems sending outbound SMS after upgrade – Configuring Telnyx

We recently encountered this problem with a client, having done regular patching on their instance – they suddenly couldn’t send out SMS anymore. The way SMS now works on 3CX has changed, and previous configurations will fail out of the box. First, you will need to set up Telnyx with the new webhook located on the Trunk for Telnyx:   … Read More

Expanding disk on Ubuntu 20.04

Not using Ubuntu often, I found recently that the way of expanding disks has changed or I forgot how it was. After adding storage to your disk, I had to reboot my VM. Open the terminal as root: cfdisk This will list the partitions: Highlighted, the partition we want to expand. Hit right and select Resize. Accept the new disk … Read More

SMTP – Using Office 365 email account with Postfix relay on Ubuntu

In this case we wanted to use an email account from Office 365 to send emails via postfix, to use as the native mail function for WordPress This is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install postfix mailutils In the menu, just use the default entry (Internet Site) Configuring postfix sudo nano /etc/postfix/ Here we need … Read More

Autodiscovery doesn’t work after migrating from Google Suite to Office 365

We have found this new problem when migrating a client from Google Suite over to Office 365, affecting mainly the Outlook service. Back in the day, just pointing the autodiscovery CNAME record would do the trick. Nowadays, they base this on a secondary service that was called, nowadays This caches MX records of the domain and autofills as … Read More

VMware ESXi – Could not complete network copy for file – Cannot relocate virtual machine

While using Storage vMotion or vMotion, you receive this error on a newly comissioned host:   Relocate virtual machine Status: Could not complete network copy for file /vmfs/volumes/5924783e-c94e2bc3-f003-b8ca3a6ae820/TestVM/Test VM.vmdk   Or, when creating a VM from zero, you can’t boot it up:   Error stack: Module ‘Disk’ power on failed. Cannot open the disk ‘/vmfs/volumes/60ac1656-06452eb7-aa7c-3cfdfe9ea734/Test/Test.vmdk’ or one of the snapshot … Read More

Adobe Acrobat Reader and Pro DC – Invalid Numeric Value

We experienced this problem while troubleshooting a PC that couldn’t select the number of copies that they could print, as shown below:     The user could print multiple copies with no problems on other applications but not on the Adobe suite. We would get this error while trying to select advanced functions for printing, or when choosing preferences:   … Read More

3CX v16 Alpha – Telnyx Inbound SMS not working

Recently 3CX released the Update 7 Alpha version with SMS support. Having clients that were looking forward for the option to centralize SMS messages to call queues or agents, we created a new instance and started the setup with Telnyx. They will give you $10 on credit for registering, ideal to do some tests. Once the setup for Telnyx was … Read More

3CX Debian – Recordings not working – 404 not found

We switched from a Windows-based 3CX to a Debian instance, and migrated the recordings over. The recording path is set by default here: /var/lib/3cxpbx/Instance1/Data/Recordings However, you need to be careful and use the phonesystem user as the owner of the recording folder, and subsequent folders inside, otherwise recordings will stop being saved. This can happen when you restore this folder … Read More

Bypass UAC for programs running without Admin privileges

Due problems on permissions, some programs will try escalating privileges to run with administrative privileges, even if they don’t really have to. We have users that don’t have admin privileges, and in order to bypass the need of making them local admins, we use the following cmd:   Correct the path of the software to run as an admin: cmd … Read More

VMware Virtual Replication – Virtual Machine stays on configuring after datastore migration

We experienced this issue last week, after migrating a replicated VM to a new datastore. We migrated several VMs to faster storage, but there were two with errors related to authentication. The replication kept going fine, but the error didn’t go away. The machine inside the Site Recovery application kept saying: “configuration error. The session is not authenticated”, and the … Read More