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3CX v16 Alpha – Telnyx Inbound SMS not working

Recently 3CX released the Update 7 Alpha version with SMS support. Having clients that were looking forward for the option to centralize SMS messages to call queues or agents, we created a new instance and started the setup with Telnyx. They will give you $10 on credit for registering, ideal to do some tests. Once the setup for Telnyx was … Read More

3CX Debian – Recordings not working – 404 not found

We switched from a Windows-based 3CX to a Debian instance, and migrated the recordings over. The recording path is set by default here: /var/lib/3cxpbx/Instance1/Data/Recordings However, you need to be careful and use the phonesystem user as the owner of the recording folder, and subsequent folders inside, otherwise recordings will stop being saved. This can happen when you restore this folder … Read More