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Connecting to AWS CLI using MFA Authentication

Sometimes you may need to connect to AWS environments with MFA enforced using AWS CLI. If you don´t authenticate with MFA, you got high probabilities to obtain a denied access. With this process, you will be able to authenticate with MFA over CLI. 1-Connect to AWS CLI. >$ aws configure >AWS Access Key ID: Your access key >AWS Secret Access … Read More

Querying EC2 IPs via AWS CLI

I had to get a list for all public IPs mapped to EC2 instances. First start by connecting to AWS via CLI, then use the following:   aws ec2 describe-instances –query “Reservations[*].Instances[*].PublicIpAddress” –output=text   aws ec2 describe-instances –query “Reservations[*].Instances[*].PrivateIpAddress” –output=text   You will see all public/private IPs listed