Random reboots with Dell 14th generation servers CPU0000 PWR2270


If you are experiencing issues with your Dell server, and in the iDRAC logs you are receiving these errors:

CPU0000 Internal error has occurred check for additional logs

PWR2270 The Intel Management Engine has encountered a Health Event


It’s caused by the power states on the BIOS configuration of the servers. This can occurr regardless of the hypervisor or OS.

In order to apply the fix:

Press F2 at Boot

System Profile Settings


Set the system profile to “Performance”, and reboot the server.

5 thoughts on “Random reboots with Dell 14th generation servers CPU0000 PWR2270

  1. We just had a unexpected reboot happen and found the same message in the log, same model server,

    Some explanation as to how you came to consider this setting change or anything to motivate this course of action would really be helpful. I can’t change a setting on a customers server based on this report alone.

    1. Hi Chris, I came to that conclusion on personal experience dealing with this issue. I have received messages from Dell’s techs and now this post is linked on Dell’s internal KB.
      You are free to test it yourself or keep troubleshooting it with whatever information you find on the internet.
      Hope you fixed your problem

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