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Enable RDP on RDWeb when publishing applications

Sometimes we publish applications on the web front end, but we also want to give clients the option on launching an RDP session directly from the website. For doing that we need to change a registry and reboot the server: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\CentralPublishedResources\PublishedFarms\<collection>\RemoteDesktops\<collection> Change ShowInPortal from “0” to “1”.  

Set up a dedicated SSL certificate for a RDS Host

Start by installing the certificate on the Local Machine Personal folder. Do an export to a PFX file including the private key. Access the certificate and retrieve its thumbprint from its properties. Download the following script and save it in the destination server. Use your thumbprint to enable the new certificate  

FQDN access RDWeb by default on Windows Remote Desktop Services

We want our default FQDN to go directly to the RD Web Access webpage. This also helps to remember just the domain name and no extra paths. In order to do a redirect, go to your IIS and put a redirect on your Default Web Site:   This will also redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS.